Grandmaster Shi de qian left, Xing Kuo right  Che wen long (Xing Kuo)

Si ping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy

Note from the Academy's
General Manager
(Shi Xing Kuo)

  Great grandmaster Shi shu xiFang Zhan Shi Yong Xin

We are devoted to providing all levels of Shao lin martial arts training from Shao lin monks and/or their disciples from the Shao lin temples in both northern and southern China.

Our school was formerly known as Northern China Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy. However, we have been granted by government seal from Si ping City government in Jilin province China where our school is now located, authorization as Si ping Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy which is now one of the most famous and modern academys in northern China and treasure of Si ping City (to view a copy of our license click here).

Students attending our academy may receive additional education in Buddhism, Taoism, and/or Mandarin dialect if they wish, at no extra cost.

Our academy emphasizes the teachings of Shao Lin kung fu, and Wu Dang kung fu, Tai ji Chen (Yang style) technique and shao lin traditional chi kung or qi gong.

We understand how to train you to help you progress in a timely manner.  You can focus your mind more clearly while learning the traditional shaolin kung fu.  If you desire hard training, the academy is the right place.  However, we can also provide soft training for improving and maintaining good health; i.e. slow qi gong, and taiji quan..

Our school is not a vacation place to relax in.  Our teachers prefer to train only students desiring to learn hard skills and can keep their minds focused on their training.

If you have some things you need to take care of before coming to the academy which are of concern or stressfull to you, it is better to wait until you can complete or finish them before attempting hard training. In Chinese hard training is expressed as "Quan Lian Qian Biang, Qi Yi zhi Xian" which directly translated means "you repeat the exercises thousands of times for each routine quan".  The original meaning (of what these forms are for) appears naturally in your mind. So you will need to learn to focus your mind more to grasp what you learn; this is really important.

Training at the academy focuses on a student's spirit, mind, and body, including morality, stamina, and patience.

"For translators, the teachers and I always try to help everyone in the academy who need help on visiting local places, etc. just like you are part of our family, and you are one of us.  We will do our best to help you with any difficulties you may encounter during your stay here.

If after reading the academy's web pages and our rules, you have any questions, please feel free to E-mail or call us.

I Hope you enjoy your stay and achieve good results in your training.

Note: We would like to express our appreciation to the China Si ping City Opera Company who recently created a modern day theme song, as a gift to the academy, entitled "Dragon Flying Around The World". (Musical Score by Yang Dan Cheng, words by Guo Dan Fei, lead singer: Jin Gang). We hope you will like the music.

Che Wen Long

Phone: 86 434 3560434 or 0086 434 3560348
Fax: 86 434 3263100
Postal Address:
Che Wen Long, Manager
Si ping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy
Ye He Ancient castle, Siping city, Jilin Province
P R China - Postal code:136523


Note from academy's internet host: At the top of page on the left is shaolin monk Shi de qian of the Henan temple (31st generation). Image on right: Shi shu xi, previous Fang zhang (first Abbott) of the Henan temple, 94 years of age (30th generation shaolin monk). Shi de qian is Mr. Che's sifu, and Shi shu xi is Mr. Che's grand sifu. To the far right side is Shi Yong Xin, the current (May 2007) Fang Zhang of the Temple, who has also certified Mr. Che as his disciple. Mr. Che's Buddhist name is Shi Xing Kuo which means "culture dragon". There is mention of Mr. Che in Shi De qian's co-authored two-volume edition of the Encyclopedia of Shaolin Martial Arts which translates as follows: "Che wen long was trained in gong fu from childhood, then bend knee to shao lin famous gong fu monk De qian by si fu. Given buddha name Shi Xing kuo. He convert Shao Lin temple to training in Shao Lin quans, weapons, 72 highest secret skills, and was quickly promoted. He graduated from Si Ping normal teacher's university in 1987 and created Si Ping Shao lin Martial arts Academy in 1995, enrolling foreign students worldwide. In the past decade the academy has enrolled well over two-thousand foreign students. Shi Xing kuo in his position of teaching shao lin gong fu has contributed greatly to spreading the shao lin traditional kungfu throughout the world."


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