Siping City China Shao Lin and South Korea Wushu Guard Schools

Second International Wushu Competition - a Success

On October 29, 2006 a second competition beween South Korea and China was held, however this time it was hosted in South Korea, by South Korea's Wushu Guard.

Following are a couple of images showing students of our academy receiving medals for placing in the highest four positions in the competitions they participated in.

Again to show both countries diplomatic support for this effort government officers from Korea and China were invited to attend.

  • in the lower image the names of the competitors are: 1: Jin Hai Lin (Chinese) 2: Piao Zhong Huan (Korean) 3: Ma Pan (Chinese) 4: Ni Zi Long (Chinese) 4: William James Czyzyk (American)

As we said previously, these meetings have increased goodwill between the peoples of China and South Korea, and in the future we will expand to include similar friendly competition between China and all other countries as well.  Martial arts officials from other countries who are interested in holding similar friendly competitions at the academy, to increase goodwill and diplomacy between their country and China through martial arts, please feel free to contact Mr. Che wen long, the academy's manager.

  • We encourage martial art schools throughout the world to hold similar good-sportsmanship competitions, to help to improve diplomatic relations between their country's cultures, and other country's cultures, in order to help make the world a better place for all of it's peoples, to live in peace and harmony.

Following are more images from this meeting