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Many people around the world have seen a performance or demonstration of Shaolin Protection Monks showing their skills.  We are continually asked if we can send monks to put on a performance for people in many different countries.  Following is an example of what would be required in order to send the academy's monks to another country to perform:
  • Performance Details:

    • 1 to 14 monks - each performance time: less than 15 minutes (group performing with spear, sword, broadsword, etc. and hard qi gong show).  1 to 4 performances maximum.  5 or more performances will be discounted by 10%.

    • 15 to 20 monks - each performance time: less than 30 minutes (group performing with traditional routines, single and double weapons, pair and group fighting, shaolin hard qi gong including breaking sticks on body arms and legs and breaking iron bars on head, etc.).  1 to 4 performances.  5 or more performances will be discounted 10%.  To see some of the hard qigong performed go to academy's: Hard Qigong page.

  • In addition to the performance fees, the following needs should also be considered:

  • Equipment (a stage with a non-slip rug and CD player with speaker), local room and board, and local transportation
  • Round trip air fare from northern China to the U.S. and back home again.
  • Theater or large hall that will hold thousands of people.
  • Local and area radio and tv advertising of performances.
  • Local assistance from city officials with traffic, parking, and other needs regarding large crowds.

Full payment will be expected upon the monks arrival in your country, and before the performances begin.  A deposit is required before the monks leave China.

For more information, please Click Here and outline your needs in detail.  Be sure to show the date(s) and time(s) you wish the group to perform and the nature of accomodations you are willing to offer the monks.  Mr. Che will reply as soon as possible to communicate with you further regarding the total cost.  Please be as specific as you can.  Please do not ask for information until you have provided Mr. Che with the nature of your needs in detail.


Shaolin Monks Performances Shaolin Monks Performances Shaolin Monks Performances

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