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More messages from students attending the Academy:

Name: Grant Warren Tuttle
Country: USA
Period of Stay: 12 months (June, 2017 - June, 2018)
Shaolin Kungfu

Tuttle Grant Warren from USA 31 years I'm just starting my 3rd month of my 12 month stay here at the academy and I can happily say I am pleased to be here.  The 4 instructors currently teaching here at the academy (Li Shifu, Shi Yan Liang, Shi Yan Long, and Du Shifu) do a great job and as long as you show a willingness to learn they will go out of their way to give you personal instruction.  The training and facilities here are great.  Another foreigner praised the academy for its clean air, open training grounds, and strenuous exercise compared to a previous martial arts school he had trained at in the south. The views, even from the rooms, are beautiful (we are on a hilltop with the newly rebuilt castle grounds right outside the academy gate, the hill is nearly surrounded by a small reservoir and we overlook miles of farmland and mountains) and I was surprised to find myself very pleased with the food. In the 2 months I've trained here I've really begun to regain the strength, endurance, and far more flexibility than I had at my physical peak. As Mr. Che stated the day I met him at the academy, "we are a family."  Come here with an open mind and heart and you will not be disappointed.

Name:Oerlemans Stefanus Werther Ydus
Country: Holland
Period of Stay: (April, 2017 - 4th month of training)
Shaolin Wing Chun

My name is Steven, I'm from Europe.  I'm getting started now with my 4th month in the academy. The four Masters working here are all very skilled currently I'm studying wenchang. I used to be studying Shaolin Kung Fu, but I swapped to Wing Chun due to a knee injury.  There are three different forms of martial arts which you can study: one is Sanda; it's very similar to kick boxing.  Wing Chun, which I'm studying currently, and original Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu which is very beautiful and spectacular.  We are training about 6 hours a day 5 days a week. Saturday and Sunday we have off and you have time to relax and do something for yourself.  We also get Chinese class 5 days a week for 30 minutes with Mr. Lee.  I quite enjoy it and I'm progressing slowly, but surely.  With Mr. Che, the Headmaster of the school, I'm studying calligraphy (Chinese symbols). From time to time, we meet up and have a look at my homework. He is always happy to help me. I find it very difficult, but you know everything which is beautiful in life takes time and patience.  The food is also very good. I am eating vegetarian and the staff in the kitchen is always so nice. They prepare an extra plate for me without meat.  The school is located in a beautiful area on top of a hill next to a lake. The nearest city, Siping, is about 40 kilometers away and is great for finding goods you can't buy in the local town and a little entertainment.  All in all, if you're motivated and not afraid of a bit of sweat and is an ideal place for you.

Name: Skelton Craig Michael
Nationality: Australian
Training: August 2017 - Shaolin Wushu

I only have good & positive points to bring up in reference to my experience at the Academy.  For example: The accomodation is nice, clean & comfortable.  The food is healthy, varied & delicious and the training provided is excellent and professional.  Well done all round.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or EMAIL Mr. Che.

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