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Spirulina - Natures Miracle Plant Food

Perfect Diet and Energy Food
Nature's Blood Sugar Stabilizer
Immune System Enhancer

Spirulina is unequaled in providing the body with increased energy, toxic elimination, weight control, total health and vitality.  Spirulina Pacifica® is carefully-grown in ponds in Hawaii using sea water from 2000 feet deep in the ocean to process the algae, to create the world's finest spirulina powder and spirulina tablets available.
  • This patented process of ocean-chill drying especially helps to eliminate the oxidation of carotenes and fatty acids that occurs in standard sprulina dryers. The patented process employs a closed drying system, kept at low oxygen concentrations by flushing with nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The process relies on very cold ocean water drawn through pipes from 2,000-foot depths just offshore to provide dehumidification and actually dries microalgal products in less than six seconds. This process is unique to the manufacturer of Spirulina Pacifica.

Compare spirulina to other natural food resources:

  • Spirulina is 60% protein, containing all eight amino acids in balance.

  • Spirulina has nine important vitamins, rich in beta carotene, vitamin E, and is the highest vegetable source of vitamin B-12.

  • Spirulina has fourteen natural minerls including chelated iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium magnesium and the trace minerals selenium and chromium.

  • Spirulina has a digestability factor of 95% with a protein efficiency ratio of 2.4.

Spirulina grows naturally in several highly alkaline lakes in East Africa and the valley of Mexico. It is also grown on the Kona coast of Hawaii in a pristene setting and cultured under advance high-tech conditions to yield superior quality and the highest nutritional values.

Spriulina is the most complete and potent source
of natural nutrition, currently known to mankind

  • It contains the higest percentage of protein of any food (60% to 70%) and it contains 18 of the 22 amino acids, including all of the 8 essential ones, it correct porportional balance and in a highly-digestible soluable form. The high concentration of provitamin A is present in a safe, non-toxic, Beta Carotene form. It also contains all the vitamins in the B-complex range and is the highest known source of vitamin B-12, 250% higher than it's nearest rival, beef liver. It is especially high in Iron, and is packed with all the necessary cellsalts, trace elements, and minerals in a highly absorbable naturally chelated form.

  • It is said that Spirulina is captured sunlight energy currency, ready to be spent for mental or physical work to be done. This microalgae wonder-food possesses an abundance of vital pigments, but is especially high in Chlorphyll as a result of it's interaction with the sunlight and water. Its many enzymes come to the spirulina user in the form of glcy/biliproteins which are predigested by the algae itself, enabling them to be quicky absorbed into the bloodstream.

  • It is low in calories, cholesterol and sodium. Because Spirulina is a virtual storehouse of free radical antioxidants, there is no need for preservatives, fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients in any form. When one knows the whole truth about Spirulina, it can then be recognized as being the most complete and potent food supplement on the planet.
Some Advantages of Spirulina are:

  • Spirulina can be taken as a nutritional suppliement, providing nutrients for the body to heal itself and stay healthy. Used for weight control, it curbs the appetite and reduces sugar cravings. It provides both a physical and mental energy boost while maintaining a balanced blood sugar level. When used for fasting, Spirulina minimizes hunger while working as a powerful cleanser and detoxifier. It is the ulitimate survival food which can be used in limited amounts to support life under the poorest of circumstances. Its long term storage qualities are well known, and it is an ideal food for backpacking.

  • No other food can lay claim to the nutritional value expressed in Spirulina as natures' most favorable blue-green algae. As a product of natural occrrence, Spirulina exhibits the true positive synergy which nevers occurs in synthetic form. Spriulina is natures gift, unsurpassed in health giving qualitites. One need never fear consuming as much Spirulina as desired, or needed.

  • Spirulina is an excellent preventative measure which helps maintain proper metabolic balance in all of the body's cells. Try Spirulina for several weeks and your body will tell you what we have learned, that Spirulina is the most nurturing, potent, form of food man has for health today.

Special Drying Process Protectin Nutrients:

  • Although there are many vital and unique technologies used in the drying of Spirulina, the spray-dried process employed is far removed from the high temperature (360 to 500 degrees Farenheit) originally used with spray-dry Spirulina. Using LOW-TEMP technology, the Kona-grown Spirulina is exposed to 190 degrees(F) for 1 to 2 seconds, in which the algae itself is heated between 86 and 110 degrees(F), then quickly cooled to room temperature. Tests show that Spirulina has the ability to grow in temperatures that reach 113 degrees(F), and also show that death does not occur until a full 10 minutes after the temperature is held at an extreme 122 degree(F). Spirulina Pacifica is a superior Spriulina with its nutrient value and enzyme activity kept intact.

No Deadly Toxic Chemicals used:

  • No toxic chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides or fungicides in any form are employed before, during, or after the actual growing of the algae. Also, no so-called purified water is requried in the growing or harvesting of our algae. The volcanic nutrient rich water provided by nature whith its valued balance intact meets the most exacting standards of purity as measured by micro-biological analysis.

Some Amazing Facts about Spirulina:

  • Phenylalanie and Tyrosine, which are present in Spirulina in large quantities are used by the brain to construct the neurotransmitter Norepinephrine (involved in the control of food intake). Research conducted by the scientist James G. Gibbs reveals that food intake can be controlled in Rhesus monkeys with these precursor elements. Dr. Gibbs noted foods rich in Phenylalanine could be used in controlling hunger. Phynylalanine has also been found to be 89% to 100% effective in the treatment of depression.

  • Spirulina is a great source of essential B vitamins; the daily intake of 16 grams (2 level tablespoons or 16 tablets) provides 30.3 mcg. of vitamin B-12, 1000% of the RDA, 40% for B-2, 60% for B-1 and 10% for B-3 niacin.

  • 16 grams of Spirulina contains as much calcium as 16 grams of milk, 300% more calcium than found in chicken.

  • A daily intake of Spirulina (16 grams) contains 110% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Iron for males, and 6% for females. Spirulina is the highest source, other than mother's milk, of the human growth factor Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). With the exception of Beta Carotene GLA, which is the precursor to the important hormone-like prostaglandins PG1 and PG2, is the focus of more intensive research than any other element found in Spirulina. Prostaglandins are known to control the production and action of the Immune system's T-suppressor lymphocytes. Studies show that the prostaglandins are a key factor in solving more ailments such as heart attacks, arthritis, allergies, high blood pressure, PMS, certain specific causes of obesity, and hold more promise for help in a wider range of diseases than any other area of study. Nutritionists now recognize that vegetable oils such as sunflower, corn, and safflower oil which were formerly thought to provide a source of GLA in the western diet, contain virtually no GLA forming properties. This is due to GLA's destruction during procesing of these oils.

  • Unlike its cousin, Chlorella which has an undigestible cellulose outer covering, Spirulina's cell wall is composed entirely of mucopolysaccharides in the form of glyco/bilo proteins, enabling it to be 95% digestible.

  • Sprirulina's rate form of glycoproteins are giant sugar/protein molecules which are used by the body to form antigens which stimulate the Immune response through the T-cell and B-cell pathways.

  • A 4-year study conducted in England with laboratory animals concludes that (GLA) has the ability to rejuvenate brain tissue damage caused by alcohol abuse. The study adds to the eveidence that GLA is linked to the rejuvenation processes of the body.

  • Spirulina is rich in potassium, an active eliminator of toxins which are taken in from the environment or produced in metabolism. Spirulina contains 350% more potassium than brown rice.

  • While Spirulina ranks as nature's highest source of plant protein, it contains only 3.6 calories per gram. The ordinary protein calorie to protein ration needed to achieve adequate protein intake, yet not increase weight, should not exceed 60 calories to each gram of protein consumed. Dieters may enjoy as much Spirulina as they need to keep energy and nutrient levels high, and not gain weight while remaining properly nourished.

  • One of the many reasons Spirulina is an effective aid to the hypoglycemic may be due to the amino acide Cysteine's ability to reduce anxiety, weakness, nausea and the hypoglycemic's stress-induced headache by changing the molecular structure of insulin, thereby reducing its effects. Stimulating the pituitary to release growth hormone is another way to counteract the effects of an overactive pacreas. Body builders know that growth hormone can be stimulated through high intake of the amino acide Arginine. Spirulina contains approximately 5.98% Arginine.

  • Spirulina is a virtual storehouse of antioxident elements which prevent or retard agining caused by free radical auto-oxidation. Spirulina is one of the highest concentrated sources of the sulfur containing amino acid Cystein. Cystein is used by the body to construct th enzyment Glutathione Peroxidase which protects our cells agains peroxides formed by free radical reaction. Peroxidized fats (i.e. in Lipodial cells) are Immune system suppressants, mutagens, and carcinogens. Preventing peroxidized fats helps our Immune system to stay strong.

  • Research conducted at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine reports that an extract of Spirulina-Dunaliella algae was able to prevent tumor development in the mouths of hamsters painted with DMBA, "an extremely potent carcinogen". Although untreated controls all presented gross tumors, the algae fed animals were completely free. However microscopic sections of the mouths in the algae group showed localized areas of dysplasia and early carcinoma-in-situ undergoing destruction.

  • The Western Electric study, conducted over a period of 19 years with over 3,000 employees, determined that lung cancer was inversely related to the intake of Beta Carotene. Pacific Spirulina contains almost twice the Beta Carotene (a non-toxic form of of provitamin A) than found in any other Spirulina grown. Daily intake (16 grams) represents 1600% of the RDA for vitamin A, plus 29% of the RDA for vitamin E in a nutrient-protected highly stable form. Gram for gram, Spirulina is a richer source of vitamin E than wheat germ.

Acquainting your body to the many benefits of Spirulina:

  • No negative side effects have ever been noted by persons using Spirulina. It is the only microalgae food supplement that has been consumed by humans for many hundreds of years. Extensive toxicology studies have been don by such organizations as the United National Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), which conducted long term studies for birth defects in several generations of laboratory animals an found no problems.

  • Because every person's metabolism is unique, different genetic makeup, different dietary intake, etc., and due to Spirulina being such a concentrated form of nutrients (and extremely cleansing), those taking Spirulina for the first time may experience possible temporary reactions. This may take several forms. Some expeience intestional gas that is released during an intitial cleansing of the colon. This is Spirulina replacing old toxins through increased supplies of nutrients; virtually the old (dead matter) making way for new life. Another reaction experienced by some is a slight headache which can be attributed to an increase of toxins being evacuated via the bloodstream. It is important to remember that nature's greates aid to detoxification is pure, clean, water. Some individuals dont' drink enough water and for the Spirulina user it becomes necessary to get a least 8 full glasses of water each day that Spirulina is consumed. This is normal water intake, whithout which, irregularity of bowel movement is almost a surety when Spirulina is added to one's diet.

    • Spirulina has the ability to bind and stabilize the body's toxins and eliminate them through the colon, but this can take place in an efficient manner only when adequate water is availble to the system.

  • The above reactions may be considered by some as unfavorable, but let us assure those undergoing this initial discomfort, that this is nature's process of elimination, usually happening to those who need it the most. These are full indications that Spirulina is working to bring about a normal condition of favorable balance. These symptons will usually vanish within 2 to 3 days. Occasionally they will persist for up to 10 days in an extreme condition.

  • Occasionally allergy sufferers may experience their well known symptoms. This means the body is in an accelerated state to regain homeostassis as the body actively works to expel toxins. Bowel movements may become colored a dark green, indicating an excess of chlorophyll and other cytochromic material passing from the body. These are all natural processes and should be considered an indication that Spriulina is doing its intended work.

Recommended Daily Intake:

  • First-time users may want to start with as little as one teaspoon (or 2 tablets) of Spirulina for the first two days, increasing a teaspoon (or 2 tablets) daily until a desired amount is reached. After this initial break in period everything will be clear sailing, and you may increase consumption according to energy requirements. Many find that taking a full two tablespoons (or 16 tablets) of Spirulina s a substitue for breakfast, gives them super energy until lunch time and is ideal for persons on the run. After taking Spirulina for a while, one can get to know what quanity is right for him or her to consume each day.

Additonal Spirulina Information

Hawaiian Spirulina is packed with nutrients; gram per gram it has:*

    • 2800% more beta-carotene than carrots
    • 3900% more iron than spinach
    • 600% more protein than tofu
    • 280% more antioxidants than blueberries

    *Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Spirulina approved for human consumption by the FDA:

  • Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Cambodia, China, England, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam

    If your country is not shown, you may order Spirulina through Hawaii

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